Not very active... am I

I'll get around to it one of these days.
There have been some decent food experiences recently and I know I'm going to regret not writing them up.
Like the semi-spontaneous lunch last Sunday for 7; creoled fish with a Thai influence.

Maxim's - Aérogare Orly Ouest

- Gateau de chevre avec jabon
- Pellegrino (water) - Pain ordinary
- St Nicolas de Bourgueil 2002 "Vignoble de la Jarnoterie" (Loire)
Entree: Emince de maquereaux vinaigrette de tomate au jus de volaille (little triangles with minced herring; vinagret had tiny perfect cubes of tomatoe & spring onion(?))
Plat: Carré de Lapin Roti avec Confit de Aubergines ++ excellent (one little roasted rabbit leg and a rack of ribs)

Les Dessous de la Robe

4 rue Bertin-Poirée 75001 (M) Chatelet
Lunch -
Pre: Salmon salad - 2 big spoons worth -mousse-like. Thought it a bit dry. Dressing on the salad greens was a well balanced lemon/mustard.
Main: Melon & Chevre salad. More greens, tomato & cucumber too. The chevre with melon combo didn't quite catch my interest.
Wine: The blanc de jour - Wanted more than a glass but less than a bottle. They don't have pichets so they open a bottle and you pay for what you drink.
Dessert: Tarte de pomme de grand mere. A flavor, subtle, that I did not figure out. Some other type of fruit I'm sure - kiwi?
Failed to ask.

Cafe in a nice little glass with assorted chocolate, cookies, cinnamon, sugars &c.

I had a seat where I could see straight into the kitchen and the one fellow in there worked sharply, cleanly, hygenically, and smoothly. It was interesting to watch. I went at 2:00 (not at the lunchtime peak) so it was pretty easy-going... maybe more a typical deranged kitchen at 12:30.

They're closed for dinner on Mondays.

Fair price, lovely decor, good service, good presentation, v.good wine, food... I'll go back and see if they do better.

Roti Chicken on Sunday

Spent the last couple of days sickish. Flu-like. No posts.

It seems that here on Rue Belle Feuilles that Sunday's the day to pop over to the shop to get your spit-roasted chicken. Lines at the two places that have them can run a 1/2 hour long. Get there before 1:30 - they close early.
I prefer the shop of the right (Boucheries Fillion).

I got 2 herbed poulet for dinner (4 persons) and then over to the bakery for a couple of baguettes (Boulangeries Paul). Chicken 14€, bread 0,80€ each.

Wet the outside of the [paper] bags the chickens come in and stick them in a low-heat oven. Meanwhile, I cooked the Max Havelaar (fair trade) biological agriculture whole grain rice.

Red wine from the Catalan region of France @ Monoprix about 3,50€

No veggies as I was lazy and we ate late anyway (23:00).

Headed to Dehillerin later (Rue Coquilliere @ (M)Chatelet)


For the umpteenth time in Paris. So far, been to McDonald'd (Victor Hugo) for a coffee, muffin (unexpectedly filled with chocolatey stuff) and use of their free wifi. Going out later to do today's shopping for dinner. But since it's 1:00 I ought to do something about dejuener too. I'd like to find a little, traditional, brasserie and have steak-frite avec vino maison - as is my wont on my 1st day here.

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