Tripe - Callos

I'm back in Spain and the first day treated myself to a simple workers lunch; €8,50 [$12] at the local café. 

A mixed salad to start, then Cuban Style Rice (with tomato sauce and a sunny side up egg) and Callos [tripe] as the main dish.  Included in the price is all the wine you can drink and either coffee or a dessert.

Tripe, a favorite, is made from cow stomach (usually only from the first three of the cow's four stomach compartments)  with blood sausage and chorizo added and tomato too. 

tripe 03102008217

Try it next time you're in Madrid. 

Note: Cow stomach is in the meat category know as "Offal" - pronounced "awful" with a slightly rounder "aw".  Is that just a coincidence?