Chives Flowering


I never knew that they did this; though, logically, they must.  Looks a little bit like sweet clover flowers.  I wonder if they’re related.

Cafe Michelangelo - Somerton - Philadelphia, PA


Sliced black olives, artichokes, goat’s cheese pizza.

Pizza okay; too much char on the bottom; good crust; enough goat’s cheese.  Ambiance – not a lot.  I’d go again.

Monkfish Stew

Terraza Carmona again.  A simple cod stew but made with what you’d call monkfish.


Grilled Chicken

Terraza Carmona restaurant in Vera (Almería).  Pan grilled chicken breast – not dry and overcooked – and done with garlic. Sitting on some pan fried potato slices under there; some tomato & a slice of grilled eggplant.  Simple enough.  Tasty.  Even kids might like it.



In the garden – beginning of March.