New York

My first favorite thing when I moved to New York was the sound of the creek that I could hear from the windows of the apartment babbling out back of the property.
My second favorite thing about that apartment was the old-fashioned bathtub that was actually deep enough that these days they'd be selling it as a home-spa. The water came up to your shoulders.
The third favorite thing was the water pressure. That bathtub (long and deep) filled in about 4 minutes.
As an ecologically-minded type of person using that amount of water all at once felt, at times, hyper-consumptive, if not wasteful, but boy oh boy was it ever nice. I made up for it by taking the train into the city most of the time; instead of using the car.

Note: post is very much predated ; loosely related to a "later" post that I actually wrote earlier.
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