Lunch Again

How about sausages for lunch?


Take a couple of regular sausage (red), a couple of white, a skinny morcilla.  Cut into bite size pieces.  Fry, slowly, with a bit of oil.  

The morcilla more or less falls apart and coats the rest of them.    Looks a little messy but it’s a great combination.

With a fresh baguette and a glass of Rioja; it’s a pretty nice midday chomp.

Staying Alive

This is a pretty hard prune that they give the bushes here.  It’s done in December down here by the sea, the lowest growth period of the year I guess.  And this is one severe prune.


About a week later they look like this:


Just wait until spring.  They’ll be monstrous.

The lesson… living things try very hard to stay alive.   Hopefully that goes for people as well as plants.

Peel an egg

Killer video - got to try this.

Other sources say that the baking soda isn't required.

This is as much to archive the technique for myself as to tell anyone else.

And this one is a wierd approach - but it appears to work.


“Who will join me in a dish of tripe? It soothes, appeases the anger of the outraged, stills the fear of death, and reminds us of tripe eaten in former days, when there was always a half-filled pot of it on the stove.”
--Gunter Grass

Again with the tripe you might say (known as callos around these parts). Well, I happen to like it. The following was dinner yesterday and it was an especially good one.

Click on the picture for a really nice closeup.


And a fall themed quotation from Robert Browning…

I heard a sound as of scraping tripe
And putting apples wondrous ripe
Into a cider- press's gripe.

Although I confess to never having heard tripe scraped. I’ll look into it though – always up for new experiences.

Lunch: Calamari Frito

This lunch went for only € 8,50. And the price difference with a €15 lunch shows. Simple. Just okay quality.

Cuban Rice (with a couple of eggs and some tomato sauce [that’s not ketchup])


Good enough but not anything special.

Then the calamari; in the form of rings, battered, fried – and not a lot of them. A bunch of common fries and a simple salad.


Not all of these lunches are winners. This one’s okay; I’d try them again. If only because the place is on the beach about 75 meters from here.

Yet Another Old One

Almost done.  Just have this one last one on hand for the archive.


Note: Greg’s head is slightly cut off.

Love these old fotos.  It’s not about fod… but it’s fun.

More Old Pictures

Another one from way back. 1961, I’m guessing.

Family5kids  3 1-1600x

That’s Dad, Grandma, Mom, holding Greg
Brent, someone, Brenda, someone
Mark, someone, Me

And I believe I see someone peering through the screen door.

I wonder what I’m holding in my hand; maybe looks like a bag of candy (oh! it’s a food-related post after all!).  Perhaps I even shared it; but apparently not with the girl standing next to me.

The Canadian Prairies

Long ago.  Somewhere near Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.  Maybe 1938 or so?


and the back


Archie Willson on horseback; Curtis holding halter; Ken & his pet dog.  I still had the 1927 something when this was taken. got the 1936 Olds “8” a little later and drove it to new place.  They had ice all summer for  their fridge.  Something a well about 20’ deep. cut large blocks (of ice) and put new straw between each layer.

The “Ken” in this pic would be my father (born in 1930 and he looks, what, 8/9 years old here?)

Rice Salad

Another easy one

2 parts rice (white, previously cooked – probably leftover), 1 part tuna, 1/2 part each of peas, corn and diced carrots (diced to pea/corn size).  Dizzle on olive oil (pure, virgin), salt, white pepper (go light on the pepper).

The quality of the tuna is sort of important here so get a good can – packed in oil, not water.

Best Coffee in Naples

I’ve enjoyed a few coffees here and there in the world but the best ever was a year ago in Naples.


Look at that!  Now we’re talking coffee.

You might well be able to stand your spoon up in it.

South of the Middle of Spain

Near a place called Albacete – known for producing really good knives.


By far not the snowiest spot in Spain.  Can you say “climate change”?